Saturday, 14 December 2013

Mini Mani Month: Days 12, 13 & 14

Day 12: Pepperminty

What Ciate say: “Tingly fresh minty shade is a true It colour and a must for summertime. Pair with a pastel frock for serious girly chic or pair with a leather biker to give a tough look a feminine twist”.

What I say: I thought Pepperminty was going to turn out to be a pastel mint shade. However, I would say it’s a pale turquoise mint colour with a hint of blue. It’s another gorgeous shade which I love. It has a very nice formula. It’s not streaky or patchy, easy to apply. It has a cream  finish and opaque in 3 coats.

Day 13: Ferris Wheel
What Ciate say: “A pastel blue so pretty it will send you into a spin, pair with your favourite party dress for a sweet stylish look. Adorable!

What I say: Another beautiful shade, a perfect pastel blue. Like most pastel colours it was a little tricky to work with. The formula is thin and the first coat is rather sheer. It can get streaky and patchy if you’re not careful. I applied 4 thin coats and it turned out lovely.  

Day 14: Party Shoes

What Ciate say: “This dual glitter gold polish is the equivalent of putting on your favourite stiletto heels, an instant hit of glamour that is sure to draw in attention and is the perfect accessory to any nail colour wardrobe”.

What I say: A clear polish filled with fine pieces of gold and iridescent glitter. You could use this as a top coat or to do a glitter gradient but I think it’s perfect by itself. Sometimes it’s nice not to have a fully opaque colour on your nails. Party shoes gives you a perfectly polished, sparkly manicure. I applied 4 coats and it looks nice and glittery.


  1. The glitter gold polish, the picture doesn't do it justice it looks so much better on your nails Mel.

  2. the two blues are gorgeous x

  3. I love all three shades, they are so pretty :-)

    Love, Christine♥

  4. I love the peppermint! Iam wearing the exact same colour at the moment :) I don't even care what season it is I have been loving it the whole year through


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