Monday, 16 December 2013

CocoPPa: App Review

 Cocoppa is a free app which allows you to customise your mobile home screen with icons and wallpapers. They have a huge variety of wallpapers and icons, some are so cute!

How It Works: It basically allows the user to customise their mobile home screen by finding an icon image on CocoPPa and using this image to create shortcut icons on the home screen instead of using the regular app icon. When you’re using the icons from CocoPPa you aren't replacing the original app icons. It just creates a cute shortcut. If you don’t like the new shortcut icon, you can easily delete it, open your app folder and drag to replace it with the original app icon. You don’t delete the original app which is already on your phone as the icon shortcuts obviously link to these.  

I love my phone and I can be wary when changing things on it but I couldn’t resist CocoPPa as it gives you a chance to really personalise your phone.

I’ve had no trouble with CocoPPa. It was super easy to download, set up and use. It hasn’t had any glitches or ruined my phone (which is a positive). It's available for IPhone and Android.

Screenshots of my home screens using CocoPPa icons

 You can search CocoPPa for anything when trying to find app icon images. You can search for app names i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. You could search for a particular theme such as; vintage, floral, birds, sweet, polka dots, and stripes. All you have to do is download these already made icons. Or you can create your own. Just follow CocoPPa's easy step by step instructions.

 Here's some other screenshots using CocoPPa  
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Do you like changing things on your mobile? Trying out new apps? Is CocoPPa something you’d like to try?


  1. Awesome read. Need more like this!@

  2. These look great! So much better than the usual boring look :)


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