Friday, 17 May 2013

Elegant Touch Envy Wraps

I've had these beauties sitting around for a couple of weeks and I thought now, just after starting my blog, is the perfect time to use and review them.

                          Dotty Nude

I absolutely love nail art wraps. Most of them are easy to use, have no smell or drying time and come in a range of colours and patterns, so you can get beautiful nail art with minimal effort!

Whenever I see a new brand on the market I have to try them. I think Elegant Touch is new to the Australian market and when I saw the unique and gorgeous designs I just had to try them.

The pack includes 18 wraps (not sure why it’s not 20?), a small nail file and an instruction leaflet. To apply you need to:

·         Push back your cuticles

·         Apply a base coat (I used Revlon Colorstay) and wait for this to dry.

·         You then need to choose an appropriate sized wrap and stick it to your nail.

·         File the excess wrap off the end.

                            Base Coat I Applied

If you have trouble filing the excess wrap I find using a pair of nail or tiny sewing scissors is great for trimming the end.
I found these wraps fairly easy to work with. They were rather sticky and adhered well, although easy enough to lift back off your nail to rearrange (if needed). The various sizes were good, I found a match for most of my nails. A couple of the wraps needed trimming to fit correctly on my nail. I did this by cutting the edge of the wrap using nail scissors and Tah Dah! It was a perfect fit.

I love the colour, it’s not too out there which is good for work. The textured dots give them a bit of bling!

The only negative is that there are quite a few wrinkles and bumps and once the wraps had adhered I couldn’t get them out. I am a perfectionist so this really annoys me. It may have been the way I applied them and the colour definitely shows all the imperfections.
I’m not sure how long they will last. The package states “perfect nails for up to 5 days”. However I don’t think they’ll last that long, especially on me as I’m so rough with my nails.

I’ll definitely purchase these again, although I will choose a different colour/design. They are so pretty and easy to use. I think they’re great for a special occasion, they’re so much fun!


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