Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Mini Mani Month: Days 6, 7 & 8

Day 6: Sugar Plum

What Ciate say: “Baby doll parmaviolet. Delicious creams create a colour perfect for the spring and summer. Unique and flirtatious that screams pass me my floral skirt”.
What I say: A pretty pastel, Sugar Plum is a creamy finish lilac colour. I found this really easy to apply, it wasn’t streaky, opaque in 3 coats with a glossy shine. It’s a lovely spring, girly colour. I have a few pastel lilacs in my nail polish collection and I’ve got to say I think Sugar Plum is my new favourite.  

Day 7: Fit For A Queen

What Ciate say: “A classic chrome silver. Just what you need to finish that super duper sequined dress. Think liquid platinum, full of glamour and seduction”.
What I say: This is a perfect metallic silver. It was super shiny, it almost looked like I was wearing nail foils. This is another polish in the collection I’m really pleased with. It applied smoothly and was opaque in 2 coats (have to paint carefully though as you can get bald patches). I love the finish of this polish, you can see the tiny pieces of silver glitter that help give it such a sparkly/shiny finish.

Day 8: Kiss Chase    

What Ciate say: “A dreamy pink to make the boys wink, super girly and sure to become the Paint Pot equivalent of your BFF. Bold high coverage one coat colour with luminous pastel tendencies. Pucker up!  
What I say: Another pretty colour! Kiss Chase is a peachy, candy pink. This has been my least favourite in terms of application as I found it was a little streaky/patchy so I just had to make sure I coated my nail with 2 strokes. However, I love this shade. I can see myself wearing it a lot.  
Would you wear any of these? What's your favourite shade?

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  1. The pink and lavender are my favourites so far, very wearable and perfect for summer x


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