Monday, 23 September 2013

Manicure Monday

For this week’s manicure I used a Gel polish called Gelish Soak Off by Nail Harmony. It applies like polish but it’s cured under a UV lamp resulting in a manicure that lasts 2 weeks.

What they say: "Gelish lasts up to 3 weeks with a high shine, no chipping, no peeling, no maintenance and no damage to the natural nail".
What I say: I absolutely love this colour, it is a light minty green, with a hint of a blue/grey undertone. It’s the perfect spring colour. Usually with gel polishes I get sick of the colour after a week and change it but this is the first colour that lasted me 2 weeks as it’s just so pretty!
It has a high shine finish which lasted 2 weeks and I had no chipping, however by day 12 it started peeling at the edges. This polish does need maintenance or I find it will dry out and crack, not lasting the full 2 weeks. I just smear cuticle oil on my nails every night and I find this helps your gel manicure last longer. There is some damage to your natural nail once removed. Mine become a bit dry and brittle but nothing a  little TLC wont take care of. I usually have a gel mani and then give my nails a 2 week break. 
I love this colour on its own, I was going to put a glitter over the top or have an accent nail but I don’t think it needed it! Gelish is one of my favourite gel polish brands, they have an amazing colour range and when applied properly you should have a mani that lasts nearly 2 weeks.
Take a look at their colour range here. So many colours to choose from… I want them all!
What's your favourite colour nail polish for spring? 


  1. Mel it looks so nice. I just love how you take your pictures aswell. It all looks so gourgess, makes me want to go get all the colours.

  2. That colour looks so lovely! I love mint and other pastel colours for spring xx

  3. that is a gorgeous colour! I've never tried a gel polish, I like to change my nails far too often to wear something that lasts over a week lol Your ring is lovely too :)

  4. Gorgeous shade! Xx

  5. That colour is amazing! Love :)))

    x Nats


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