Monday, 12 August 2013

Maybelline's Latest Products: Review

After buying and trying some of Maybelline's 'fairly' new products I want to share my thoughts on them. So keep reading if you're interested in a review on each product.

 Dream Pure BB cream
BB creams seem to be everywhere these days and Maybelline’s latest offering is Dream Pure BB Cream’ for oily skin. It contains salicylic acid to help fight against breakouts. It only comes in 2 shades, light and medium (I got light).

What Maybelline say: 8-In-1 beauty balm with 2% salicylic acid, for healthy looking skin. 1. Conceals imperfections 2. Helps protect against the appearance of blemishes 3. Oil free, non-greasy 4. Minimises the appearance of pores 5. Clarifies the skin’s look 6. Conceals redness 7. Hydrates and smooths 8. Complements skin tone.

What I say: So happy there's a BB cream for oily skin as there are so many out there that have made my skin feel greasy. This one blends really well and matches my skin tone. In terms of texture it has a rather thin liquid consistency and when applied feels lightweight and sets to a matte finish. It makes my skin feel smooth and hydrated without an oily feeling. I love the finish, its light coverage that visibly evens my skin tone. It does cover the redness of blemishes however sometimes (when I can be bothered) I still like to use some concealer. I have to say I still like to apply a finishing translucent powder to help give a lasting matte finish. It wears really well- lasting the day, 7 hours. I really like this BB cream; I especially love that is contains SPF. I will be purchasing it again.  
Color Sensational Color Whisper
 The Colour Whisper Lipsticks are a lipstick/lip balm hybrid and are supposed to give you a more translucent lip colour while providing more hydration than an average lipstick.

Who Wore It Red-er and Oh La Lilac

What Maybelline say: Pure colour pigments suspended in a weightless gel. No heavy waxes or oils. Soft, sexy gel-colour. Just a kiss of shine.
What I say: I actually find that the colour is buildable- you can have them sheer or build them to full opacity. ‘Who Wore It Red-er #45’ is rather opaque and pigmented. ‘Oh La Lilac #90’ has medium coverage, it's such a pretty colour for the warmer months. Their light-weight gel formula provides a minimal amount of moisture- it doesn’t dry lips out but at the same time it doesn’t hydrate them very much either! They have a bit of shine although nothing overpowering. The colour lasts for around 2 hours, the shine wears off a lot faster. They don't have much of a scent which is great. I like them and I’d love to try some other colours.
Color Show- Sequins
The Color Show ‘Sequins’ polish is a limited edition range. I got the colour ‘Rose Bling’.

It has a clear base with rose-pink micro-glitter, medium fuchsia hexes and medium rose-pink holographic hexes. I love this glitter polish, so pretty. It wasn’t too hard to apply. It did get a little chunky on the brush as it’s full of glitter but I dealt with it just fine. Pictured are 3 coats which gives such a sparkly finish. Glitter polishes never last on my nails, this chipped the day after. I should of removed it with remover but I was naughty and peeled off the glitter (rather easy to peel off but does slightly damage nails). I’d like to try some of the other ‘Sequins’ polishes as they seem to be packed full of glitter and look so pretty!

Have you tried any of these products? What colours? Did you like them?


  1. The rose bling nail polish is gorgeous!!

    The Oh La Lilac is very pretty too.

    I actually buy the BB creams for the extra moisturising ability in them I have such dry skin. It's nice to see they have brought out one for oily skin, sounds good.

    Jac x0x

  2. Very nice, you should highlight OILY SKIN as I think there would be a lot of people out there that would use it. xoxo

  3. This bb cream sounds like exactly what I need for summer, because every single one I hear about leaves your skin super oily after a while. Great review.

  4. great reviews, I'm due for a new BB cream so I might give this one a go. the matte finish sounds good and I too like that it includes SPF. The polish is really pretty.. I peel off most of my polish these days *smacks hand* as soon as I get a chip on the end, it all just lifts, almost in one go! guess it saves on acetone ;)

  5. I've tried only one Maybelline lipstick before and I liked it okay, but didn't love it. These colors are really pretty though!


  6. Some great products here by Maybelline! I am loving the Color Whispers but the one I have doesn't have a great deal of colour pay off. Who wore it Red-er looks a lot more pigmented so I might swatch it :)

    Great post :)

    Kate Xx

    1. Hi Kate,

      Thanks for commenting :) They are a nice lipstick... Who wore it red-er is rather pigmented, bright on the lips. I swatched a couple of other colours and I agree some aren't as pigmented as others, but I think everyone will find a colour that suits them in the colour range :)



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