Monday, 26 August 2013

Manicure Monday

My Favourite Red

 This week’s manicure is a beautiful red called ‘Hollywood’ by CND Shellac. This colour is true to the bottle, actually I think it’s prettier.  It’s a bold red flecked with metallic gold shimmer which is really subtle but adds a nice shine. The finish is super glossy. Sometimes red shades remind me of a Christmas time manicure but luckily this one doesn’t, to me this is the perfect red. If you love a bright red you need to try this!

 Do you like having a Shellac mani? What’s your favourite Shellac colour?  
Ohh and I want to make ‘Manicure Monday’ a series on my blog, just wondering what you think sounds better: Manicure Monday Or Monday Manicure? Hmmm decisions decisions…


  1. Very beautiful blog ^_^

    Many kisses,


  2. Manicure Monday... I think? :) I love that red! It's gorgeous!

    1. Hi Loz,
      Yeah I think I'll keep it as Manicure Monday :) It's one of my favourite reds... Thanks for your comment :)



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