Thursday, 6 June 2013

Winter Wonderland

1.   Who wouldn’t want a bedroom like this.

2.  Create a stunning floral display using this wallpaper/A black bird in winter by Eston Jennings.

3.  Winter clothing to keep you warm.

4.  Pretty peacock pattern butterflies/Everyone needs a pretty phone case/ A jumbo teacup for winter warming drinks/A vintage quilt cover design featuring birds, butterflies and flowers.

5.  Little sparrow in the winter snow.

6.  Some bright lights for a cosy winter feel.

7.  More winter clothes, everyone needs a pair of winter boots.

8.  Delicious hot choc/winter snow/an open fire to keep cosy in winter/peonies, flowers are perfect in the winter gloom.

9.  Keep the winter chills at bay by creating a cosy corner.

10. Raspberry dessert/ A Tasmanian Devil (photo retrieved from).

11. I love metallic and green/blue shades in winter. Most of these clothes come from Jeans West.

12. Cradle Mountain, Tasmania (photo retrieved from)/Recycled light bulb vases/ Pretty flower in the snow/Metallic nail polish, a touch of glam in the cooler months

13. A cosy fake fur blanket for a touch of style and warmth.   


  1. ohhhh so nice Mel, I love the rooms.

  2. Awesome pics! Love the last photo.xx

  3. beautiful and inspirational photos...

  4. The images are so beautiful! You have amazing taste in home decor xx


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