Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Lust Have It! June 2013

I was so excited today, getting home after my exam and finding my Lust Have It! Box had arrived. The theme this month is the ‘Great Gatsby’. I think this is a great theme to go with as the movie has recently been released, people love it and the era of the 1920’s is a popular theme with fashion and beauty at the moment.
This month I received 7 products. There is a good variety of products. There’s makeup, skincare, hair and nail products…two of these items are full sized.
1.       Rachel K Mineral Colour Control CC cream 4 Sample sized sachets. RRP $39.00, 50ml                                                                                                          
I don’t like receiving sachets as they tend to be messy but that’s ok as I’m excited to try this product. CC cream is more refined and improved than BB cream, combining various benefits all in one- colour control, isolation, whitening, brightening, moisturising and UV protection. It states that it’s non-oily (matte) which is a positive for me.
2.       Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry 50ml sample size. RRP $9.95, 200ml   
I actually love receiving dry shampoo sample products as I often use dry shampoo and the sample size makes it perfect for travel. This is a brand that’s often in this beauty box. I don’t mind the fruity scent of the new cherry fragrance. This claims to instantly revitalise hair, removing excess grease, boosts body and leaves hair feeling fresh and clean. I think it does its job. It leaves my hair feeling refreshed with added volume. The packaging is too cute!

3.       Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion- Coconut- Sample size. RRP $29.95, 354ml
This is another brand that’s often in the box. It’s not my favourite brand but the sample size packaging is again good for travel. I actually really like this scent. It has a coconut vanilla fragrance which is sweet but not overpowering. It contains a rich source of natural antioxidants to moisturise and revitalize the skin.
4.       Real Purity Natural Lipstick in Romantic Red Sample size small pot. RRP USA $15.00
I like receiving lipstick samples, however it would be good to receive a small lipstick tube rather than this little pot that I found hard to open. I quite like this lipstick, it isn’t too pigmented, a nice everyday lipstick. It is smooth and makes your lips feel soft.

5.       Savi Organic Soothing Cream Sample size 20ml. RRP $27.95, 60ml    
This cream contains essential oils and plant extracts that have been found to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral (so many ‘antis’). It helps soothe and heal problematic skin. I love the fact that it’s made in Australia and it’s organic. It does have a strong scent. Not sure if I’ll use this but I’ll see how I go.

6.       Klara H20 Proof Eyeliner Full size product. 2.2g RRP $18.00
A waterproof eyeliner pencil that provides a vibrant and long-lasting effect. I don’t use black eyeliners very often. I might try this one day.

7.       OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps Full size product. 16 strips RRP $19.99
These nail apps give you an instant manicure with a base, colour and top coat all in one. Makes nail art so easy! I love nail products especially nail art stickers and was so excited to receive these. I’ve wanted to try the OPI apps for a while now. I’m not a fan of the design I received, I would never buy this one. I wish I got another design and then I’d be super happy with them!

As always there are some exciting products and some disappointments. Overall I'm happy with the contents, they're products I will use! I give the box 3.5 stars out of 5.
Did you receive anything different? What OPI nail art design did you get? Did you receive the CC cream last month, what’s it like?
If you are interested in signing up to receive Lust Have It! each month just visit their website: http://www.lusthaveit.com.au/


  1. Oh you got some amazing goodies that cc cream sounds amazing .

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  2. Lovely items!


  3. OMG, your box looks absolutely AMAZING !!!! I like the dry shampoo and I can't wait for you to try out the CC cream! And I love trying out waterproof eyeliners! Especially since it's beach weather time over here. :)

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

    1. Hey Lynn,

      I love dry shampoo too. Isn't the cherry packaging cute!? I tried the CC cream this morning and I really like it. Doesn't make my skin feel oily, it's got a slight dewy finish. Might have to purchase this one...
      Wish it was beach weather here! Enjoy the nice weather over there.

      Mel :)

  4. Lot of nice products, you will have to try them and rate them for us.

  5. the first 4 products I got the same, but no oil, nail stickers or eyeliner for me, just one tiny sample of over-priced face cream... I'd much preferred to have received your box :/

    1. Thanks for leaving me a comment! :)
      Just had a look at your blog and what you received. I have to say my box looks much better, it's filled with more products. You must be disappointed this month! Hopefully next month will be better for you :)


  6. I received the same box, I thought the lipstick was ok but it smelt a bit like plastic. I'm not sure whether I want to open my eyeliner, I read another review saying it's not creamy and easily rubbed off :/


    1. Hi there,
      Thanks so much for leaving me a comment!!
      I don't think I'll use the eyeliner. From the reviews I've read it doesn't seem like a very good quality product. I wonder what's in store for next month :)

  7. I got the same except for the CC cream :( Wasn't written on my card either. Anyway, I tested the eye liner and hated it. I warmed it up because its very hard, drew a line which was pretty black, let it dry for 5 minutes then smudged with one swipe.

    Oh and I got the OPI apps in gold glitter <3

  8. Ooo we received the same box! I agree with you on the cc cream - absolutely hate sachet samples. I don't think they even add any value to a beauty box since most of the time you can get sachet samples for free. Also, thanks for dropping by my blog! I am following you back :)

    Vanity Corner


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