Monday, 24 June 2013

Afternoon Tea Party

Over the weekend I hosted a lovely high tea party. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with the girls while eating delicious food. I love the whole ‘high tea’ experience’; preparing the food, setting the table, picking the flowers, chatting and laughing with friends, drinking tea from beautiful cups and eating delicious food.

Hosting a high tea is not difficult, it doesn’t have to be fancy and it’s perfect hosting it in your own home for any occasion. You just need some pretty tea ware and an assortment of sweets, cakes and small snacks. For this high tea party everyone bought a snack along and we put it all together and Tah da… we had a buffet with assorted snacks.  
A tea party is a great excuse to get my ‘high tea ware’ collection out from the cupboard, it’s so pretty and elegant. My teapot and teacups are from the ‘Cristina Re High Tea Collection’. It’s a lovely collection; vintage inspired designer tea ware, available in an array of colours with elegant 24ct gold plated trims. It’s a perfect mix and match collection, affordable and it’s sure to delight your guests. They’re available to purchase here. Have a look at the website, absolutely gorgeous products.

Have you ever hosted a tea party? Or been to a 'high tea'?  


  1. I love the cups, I want to get all the colours.

  2. You have a beautiful collection and those treats look amazing , I love high tea's

  3. beautiful teaparty... I adore your cups

    New post is up!!!

  4. The food looks so delicious! I've never tried high tea before but I've been meaning to since it seems so fancy :P

  5. Those snacks look delicious and inspires me to try to make some of them!
    This is a great idea, I haven't been to a high tea but maybe I should host one :)

    x Natalie

  6. Love this idea!! I've been wanting to host a girls day tea party for a long time!! :)

    XOXO ♥ Kia

  7. WHOA! This is a great idea! I was kinda thinking of doing something like this for my birthday but I'm not sure how it would turn out. Lol. I love though that tea parties are becoming more mainstream now a days. I've been wanting to do something like this for quite a long, long time. Lol. And this looks like sooo much fun!

  8. this looks fab, those tea cups are absolutely gorgeous but a tad pricey- I always head to charity shops for tea cups :) You'll have to do another one and have cocktails in the tea pot ;) xo

  9. I love your teacups! They are so cute, you have a great selection of food too. Them cakes look delicious!

    We had a tea party too, Check it out here
    Charlotte xx

  10. How delightful!



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